Hello! :) this is my 'photography' blog! all photo's are personal and taken by me :)

old one but ive seen some eye-close up shot, give mine a try :)

+  12:41 am, by creative-taurus-xo1

leg tattoos

unknown model

+  05:20 am, by creative-taurus-xo10

fell in love with this dog


+  05:19 am, by creative-taurus-xo10

luthor! big baby!! ;)

+  05:17 am, by creative-taurus-xo8

red paintbrush infinity tattoo

model: enrique

+  05:16 am, by creative-taurus-xo3

spoon and fever

model: harrison

+  05:14 am, by creative-taurus-xo1

cat and dog tattoo in meat grinder

model: harrison

+  05:13 am, by creative-taurus-xo3